Boiler Ph Booster

Boiler Ph Booster

AQUA CHEM – 6050

AQUACHEM – 6050 pH Booster Chemicals by Vchem perform control of pH and alkalinity levels in boiler water helping your systems achieve greater working performance and long service life.

The pH for such is generally at 9.5-10 which prevents corrosion or rusting of boiler tubes.

Aiding in the scaling of boiler tubes makes such chemicals an economical choice since it saves power and workforce. It accelerating production ability helps meet targets easily.

This pH booster is a unique alkaline liquid meant to reduce rusting of feed water tanks and parts and increase alkalinity.

We offer various types of pH booster chemicals that are odorless and non-toxic in nature. Working as alkaline reacting water softening agents, these chemicals provide corrosion protection to feed water tank, lines, pumps and other parts by forming suitable sludge in removing principle hardness of boiler feed water. These pH booster chemicals are easy to handle and use; furthermore, these are easily compatible with other chemicals too.

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