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Chlorine Dioxide

VCHEM-OX in Poultry Farms

The Biofilm Challenge in Poultry Farms : - Since 95% of all microorganisms are hiding in the biofilm, removal of the biofilm is imperative for securing persistent microbiological control of the drinking water.

Advantages of Vchem - OX:

  • No corrosion of aluminium, carbon, steel or stainless steel
  • Effective in removal of iron and manganese compounds;
  • VCHEM-OX Removes all biofilm from water distribution systems, the main source of infections;
  • Destroys algae-related taste and odour compounds;
  • Effective against microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, yeasts).
  • No build-up of resistance by microorganisms.
  • Effective against airborne pathogens when “misted”
  • Reduced disease risks; lower to none E-Coli and Salmonella infections. VCHEM-OX is very specific and enters into only a few side reactions when compared with chlorine, it does not chlorinate organics, therefore it does not form THMs.

Detailed explanation of using VCHEM-OX specially formulated for Poultry Farms application.

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For more information about VCHEM-OX call or whatsapp +91 9677331937 9677331937 to get explained details about VCHEM-OX for Poultry farms. We can make separate formulation of VCHEM-OX (chlorine dioxide) for your exact application



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