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Chlorine Dioxide

VCHEM-OX in Pulp & Paper Processing

VCHEM-OX – chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum oxidizing biocide that can be used as an effective control against microbiological growth in pulp and paper processing. These microbes can also have bad effects on the finished paper, such as high spore counts and odours.

Advantages of VCHEM-OX on the aquaculture field:

  • Since VCHEM-OX is used for potable water disinfection, it is applicable to use for food grade paper applications.
  • Food grade paper is required to meet higher microbial standards because bacterial spores, such as the genus Bacillus are difficult to inactivate.
  • VCHEM-OX is an effective sporicide, especially in food grade paper applications
  • Very effective in systems with a high pH, ammonia-nitrogen contamination, persistent slime problem.

Detailed explanation of using VCHEM-OX specially formulated for Pulp and Paper Processing application.

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