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Chlorine Dioxide

VCHEM-OX in RO & NF Membrane

Membrane sanitation the membrane separation technology, especially reverse osmosis, is used as higher quality of water and also to wastewater treatment in industrial process for its reuse. However, the use of the membranes is limited by its lifetime which varies according to the species the amount of impurities present in the effluent and the frequency of cleaning.

When using VCHEM-OX it is possible to use without damaging the membrane. The function of adding VCHEM-OX after the active coal and before the membrane is simple by adding VCHEM-OX in ppb dosage rates the water contains disinfection power at low dosage contributing positively to face the undesired fouling of RO systems.

Detailed explanation of using VCHEM-OX specially formulated for RO & MF Processing application.

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