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Chlorine Dioxide

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Neox is a stabilized form of 99.99% chlorine dioxide solutions. It is used for the disinfection process and meant to kill almost all kinds of water-borne microorganisms.

Neox targets yeasts, bacteria, virus, protozoans, cysts, mold, fungi and many other diseases. Additionally, this compound is useful in eradicating the presence of cyanides, methanogens and phenols in the water.

As compared to other disinfectants, the offered Neox is 10 times stronger and show its action at a broad pH range, usually 4-10. The best thing about it is that, there is no generation of by-products or side effects.

Why Neox is Best From Others?

Present as a versatile chemical compound, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful deodorizing, micro-biocide chemical agent, bleaching and oxidizing agent. It is approved by EPA, WHO, USFDA and other regulatory authorities and accepted globally. Popularized as ‘no elemental free chlorine’ it is chosen by the industries for not producing any kind of chlorinate. Such kind of useful properties is making this disinfectant popular among the users.

  • Molecular weight – 67.45
  • Melting point – -590
  • Boiling point – 110
  • Present in yellow or green colour.
  • It is water soluble at certain temperature and pressure. Hence, it is available in the liquid form and independent of ph.
  • Denser than air.
  • At normal pressure and temperature, it is available in gaseous form.
  • Explosive in air at the concentration more than 10%.
  • Readily decomposes at high temperature, UV and high alkalinity (>ph12).
  • Very effective at low dosages.
  • Superb in removing biofilm.
  • Disinfectant property is very fast.
  • As compared to chlorine, it is less corrosive.
  • Chlorine dioxide shows low redox potentials of +0.96 MV. Though, there is no exact relationship in between redox and disinfectant property. But, still this makes it different from other.
  • The best thing about Neox is that it shows very limited chemical reactions.
  • Shows high efficacy against fungi, yeasts, algae, protozoa and other vegetative cells. On the other hand, it doesn’t show any kind of effect on animal, fish and human cells as well.

How Neox Really Works?

A broad spectrum disinfectant shows its action on aerobic, anaerobic, gram negative, gram positive, non-spore, spore forming pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria. The main mode of action is bacterial cell reaction with chlorine dioxide. This results in interruption of different cellular process. Also, this causes hindrance in production of proteins and modifies the membrane proteins. After the exclusion of bacteria, the chlorine dioxide penetrates the cell wall and start reacting with peptone.

The Noted Benefits of Neox

There are endless advantages of using Neox. Here are few of them mentioned as

For Human Use

  • Features of Boiler Chemicals
  • Prepare Feed Water Before It Goes To The Boiler
  • Protect And Keep The Internal Boiler Surfaces Clean
  • Maximize Condensate Return