Chlorine Dioxide

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Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Neox is a stabilized form of 99.99% chlorine dioxide solutions. It is used for the disinfection process and meant to kill almost all kinds of water-borne microorganisms.

Neox targets yeasts, bacteria, virus, protozoans, cysts, mold, fungi and many other diseases. Additionally, this compound is useful in eradicating the presence of cyanides, methanogens and phenols in the water.

As compared to other disinfectants, the offered Neox is 10 times stronger and show its action at a broad pH range, usually 4-10. The best thing about it is that, there is no generation of by-products or side effects.

Why Neox is Best From Others?

Present as a versatile chemical compound, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful deodorizing, micro-biocide chemical agent, bleaching and oxidizing agent. It is approved by EPA, WHO, USFDA and other regulatory authorities and accepted globally. Popularized as ‘no elemental free chlorine’ it is chosen by the industries for not producing any kind of chlorinate. Such kind of useful properties is making this disinfectant popular among the users.

  • Molecular weight – 67.45
  • Melting point – -590
  • Boiling point – 110
  • Present in yellow or green colour.
  • It is water soluble at certain temperature and pressure. Hence, it is available in the liquid form and independent of ph.
  • Denser than air.
  • At normal pressure and temperature, it is available in gaseous form.
  • Explosive in air at the concentration more than 10%.
  • Readily decomposes at high temperature, UV and high alkalinity (>ph12).
  • Very effective at low dosages.
  • Superb in removing biofilm.
  • Disinfectant property is very fast.
  • As compared to chlorine, it is less corrosive.
  • Chlorine dioxide shows low redox potentials of +0.96 MV. Though, there is no exact relationship in between redox and disinfectant property. But, still this makes it different from other.
  • The best thing about Neox is that it shows very limited chemical reactions.
  • Shows high efficacy against fungi, yeasts, algae, protozoa and other vegetative cells. On the other hand, it doesn’t show any kind of effect on animal, fish and human cells as well.

How Neox Really Works?

A broad spectrum disinfectant shows its action on aerobic, anaerobic, gram negative, gram positive, non-spore, spore forming pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria. The main mode of action is bacterial cell reaction with chlorine dioxide. This results in interruption of different cellular process. Also, this causes hindrance in production of proteins and modifies the membrane proteins. After the exclusion of bacteria, the chlorine dioxide penetrates the cell wall and start reacting with peptone.

The Noted Benefits of Neox

There are endless advantages of using Neox. Here are few of them mentioned as

For Human Use

The Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is safe for human beings.

  • Municipal water
  • Drinking water
  • Swimming pools
  • Ice cubes industry.

Useful in Bio Industry

Neox has finds its usage in Bio Industry too.

  • Fish and shrimp hatchery.
  • Egg production.
  • Canning industry.
  • Frozen foods.
  • Cosmetics industry.
  • Swine processing.
  • Meat and milk farms.
  • Fruits and vegetables processing.
  • Brewing and milk industry.
  • Micro-Biological benefits

Well, this stabilized chlorine dioxide has shown benefits in micro-biological field

  • Show full spectrum kill.
  • Report faster and stronger biocidal function.
  • Results in removal of 100% removal of biofilm.
  • Show no smell, no skin or any kind of eye irritation.
  • There is no build-up resistant against micro-organisms.
  • On comparison with other chlorine products, it shows 10 times more oxidizing power.
  • Has kinetic halftime of 30 days.

Industrial usage

There are many industries that make use of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide for various purposes. Few of them are mentioned as.

  • Pulp & Paper.
  • Formation of injection water.
  • Commercial aircraft.
  • Merchant or navy marine.
  • Waste water.
  • Irrigation water.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Refineries and pipeline.
  • Well water.
  • Resorts and waterpark.
  • Cruise ships.
  • Injection water

Advantages related to economic

Among others, there are economic advantages too related to Neox.

  • There is a low maintenance cost as the operational cost is also less.
  • No requirement of certifications or construction modifications.
  • Low concentration is even enough
  • Low cost of chemicals as disinfectant.
  • Minimum investment in production equipment.
  • Highly skilled employees are not necessary.

Environmental Advantages

Advantages related to the environment have also been reported with Neox.

  • No presence of chlorine residues.
  • Decrease down the organic halogen combinations.
  • Remove HAA’s, MX, and THM’s.
  • Doesn’t result in unpleasant smell or taste.
  • It is reported that the count of bonded chlorine is reduced up to a negligible amount.

Horticulture Usage

Basically, this stabilized form of chlorine dioxide is relatively very useful in irrigation, the ornamental fish aquarium and flowers also.

Useful in Urban & Leisure market

Neox is used in Urban & Leisure market for disinfection purpose.

  • Air conditioning system.
  • Domestic sanitize.
  • Commercial building.
  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Hot tubs.

The best advantage finds in Milk Industry

The dairy industry is prone to contamination and that’s the reason it is quintessential to take extra safety precaution. The purpose can easily be solved by using supreme quality of disinfection and among all Neox is the best. Doing the sterilization with offered disinfectant is advantageous as it does not cause any damage to the nutritional content of dairy products. From manufacturing process till the last stage of production, stabilized chlorine dioxide is applied as disinfectant. The manufacturing of goat milk, mare milk, liquid dairy, cheese, ice cream, milk casein, whey powder, milk fat, whey protein concentration and many others undoubtedly use this disinfectant. Listed are some of the expedient benefits of using Neox.

Cleaning the Conveyor Lubricant

Well, this excellent working disinfectant is meant for eliminating the biofilm residue present under the conveyors. This makes easier for the users to clean the conveyor and remove the bacteria.

Finished/Filler Product Sprays

The disinfection is useful in washing down the spills and all kinds of finished products. Neox has the property to minimize any risk of chaotic spraying.

Sanitization of Filter Parts at the time of Assembling the Equipment

At the time of assembling, there are the chances of contamination. Hence, the use of Neox liquid is valuable for sanitizing equipment parts as well as hands.

Environmental Fogging and Foaming

Known as a superb sanitizer for environmental surfaces, the stabilized chlorine dioxide shows its action by controlling mold and Listeria.

Case Wash Biocide

Undeniably, milk cases are the real home of contamination in the filling room. This is so because; micro-organisms come in this room directly through outside environment.

While Transferring Hose Soak

At first, it is important that the product transfer hoses should be previously soaked in Neox. By doing this, you are actually cleaning them effectively.

CIP Sanitizing

Sanitizing product is important of any industry as it cleans up the area and removes all types of micro-organism. Washing the circuits with disinfectant, increase their working efficiency and make them microbial stable. Neox is even useful in waste water treatment and removing the odors caused by the microbes. Not only this, it is also useful for treating chill water, ice banks and non-corrosive materials. Now, it is very clear that Neox is very advantageous when it comes to choosing a disinfectant. Try it now to see the notice results.

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RO Antiscalant in Tamilnadu,Chlorine Dioxides, Descaling Chemicals