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Cooling Tower Chemicals

“Vchem” are a leading Manufacturer of cooling tower antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor, scale dispersant, condenser descalant silica scale remover and cooling tower scale and corrosion inhibitor.

Our Advanced CHEMCOOL Cooling Solution is an innovative offering that can help you control and maintain your cooling systems with greater efficiency, reliability. It lowers your total cost of ownership and minimizes the environmental impact of your operation.


Cooling Tower Antiscalant

CHEM COOL 7010 Cooling tower Antiscalant is used in Prevention of corrosion, Scales and non-biological fouling by a single chemical. It works as an Antiscalant and Corrosion Inhibitor. . It Affords multimetal protection. It has Excellent control of carbonate, silicates, sulphate & iron fouling. Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor helps in effective working of equipment and keeping the metallic surfaces leakage free. It provides protection on system metallurgy under a variety of conditions.

Benefits Of Chemcool 7010:

  • Prevention Of Corrosion, Scales And Non-Biological Fouling By A Single Chemical.
  • Working As A Water Softening Agent.
  • Most Economical.
  • Affords Multi Metal Protection.
  • Excellent Control Of Carbonate, Silicates, Sulphate & Iron Fouling.
  • Acid Dosing Is Unnecessary In Most Instances As It Is Effective Over A Wide PH Range
  • Keeps Heat Transfer Surface Clean & Optimizes Heat Transfer Efficiency.
  • It Has Excellent Thermal & Hydrolytic Stability.
  • It Reacts With Silica & Ensures Their Removal During Blow Down.
  • It Disperses And Removes Old Deposits Of Scales Gradually Over A Period Of Time.
  • Easy To Handle Being A Liquid Product.

Cooling Tower Dispersant

CHEM COOL 7020 is specially and technically formulated to control the fouling particles causes by inorganic and organic matters in cooling tower and heat transfer equipment. CHEM COOL 7020 will keep fouling particles present in cooling water system in suspension and enhance the antiscalent performance. CHEM COOL 7020 can be combined with other CHEM COOL-7020 Cooling Tower Water Treatment chemicals.


  • Advice To Use 80-100 Ppm Should Be Added To An Open Circulation System.
  • Injected By Dosing Pump To The Circulation Water At A Rate Determined By The Capacity Of System.

Cooling Tower Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion can be defined as the destruction of a metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment. In cooling systems, corrosion causes two basic problems. The first and most obvious is the failure of equipment with the resultant cost of replacement and plant downtime.

The second is decreased plant efficiency due to loss of heat transfer-the result of heat exchanger fouling caused by the accumulation of corrosion products. COOL CHEM - 7030 inhibitor can be identified most accurately in relation to its function: removal of the corrosive substance, passivation, precipitation, or adsorption.

Product Features :

  • Highly Reactive.
  • Reduced Toxicity.
  • Faster Results.
  • Long Shelf-Life.
  • Cost Competitive.

Cooling Tower Descaling Chemicals

All heating and cooling equipments undergo scale formation which reduces their efficiency. This results in power-loss and corrosion of surfaces thereby decreasing the equipment's life.

Vchem Descalant "CHEMKLEEN" has a balanced composition and improved formulation which is hard on the scales and gentle on the equipment. It is typically an acidic compound that reacts with the alkaline compound present in the scales, converting it into soluble salts. It is widely used in nearly all heating and cooling equipment like heat exchangers, cooling towers, coils, chillers etc. It dissolves the scales rapidly, meanwhile it is completely harmless to the equipment and personnel. This prolongs the equipment's life and lowers the handling cost simultaneously.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Highly Effective.
  • Handy And Economical.
  • Long Shelf Life.
  • Non-Hazardous.
  • Non-Flammable.


  • Rapid Scale Dissolution.
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Degradable And Eco-Friendly


When using concentrated chemicals always make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Always use appropriate chemical resistant gloves to protect your hands and skin and wear eye protection such as chemical goggles. Strictly avoid ingestion and inhalation.


Cooling Tower Biocide

BIO COOL-7050 Cooling Tower biocide kills algae and prevents their infestation from causing major breakdown in cooling towers. It is very effective in annulling algae and completely restrains the formation of slime.

Algae growth can retard the heat exchange in the cooling system by decreasing water flow rates through the cooling tower and can provide an acute source of dispersed solids within the system. Our algaecide for cooling towers is an effective solution to algal contamination and prevention.


Cooling Tower Bio Dispersant

BIOSANT-7060 high performance bio dispersants are ideal for use in a range of cooling systems including cooling towers, re-circulating and once through cooling water systems. They are scientifically formulated to efficiently remove and disperse unwanted microbiological fouling, slimes and biofilm from cooling water systems.

Our cooling water bio dispersants help to system efficiency, optimize operating costs, reduce maintenance and system shut-down periods, and aid safety management.