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Effluent Treatment Chemicals

Vchem is market leaders for supplying various ETP chemicals used for smooth operations and maintenance of ETP plants according to pollution control parameter. We offered wide range of Chemicals for various industries like Food, Beverages, Metal Treatment, Oil Field, Construction, Mining , Textile , Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Manufacturing, Dying unit, Hotels and Resorts Waste, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Processing , Agriculture, etc.

We provide a complete range of ETP (Effluent treatment plants) and Chemicals that are in conformity with set industry standards. These are offered at industry leading prices, some of the uses of our range of ETP Chemicals. These distributed at effective ways and are used as the chemicals which we use. These are design with different components which are needed for the Effluent treatment which is imported under strict quality norms to meet the highest standards.

We back our chemicals and systems with vast field experience and profound knowledge of how every treatment will affect your process. Our people will apply the right system and chemicals solutions to help you deliver the maximum reliability and performance.

CHEMFLO – 9010

De-Coloring Chemicals

With industry experience Vchem Product has been formulated best quality Decolorizer For Effluent Treatment Plant to our clients. Vchem operate without inorganic coagulants like alum, Ferric Chloride and synthetic coagulants like PAC to reinforce the process of coagulation and flocculation in the raw water clarification. Offered products are processed by taking the optimum quality ingredients under the assistance of skilled technocrats' in line to predefined industrial norms.

Key Features and Benefits :

  • Eco Friendly.
  • Non Toxicity.
  • Safe & Pure.
CHEMFLO – 9020


Vchem Product is moderate molecular weight cationic coagulant, recommended for water clarification which will eliminate need for the alum and other inorganic chemicals. It functions over a wide pH range. It is chlorine resistant. It also eliminates need for pH adjustment. It forms a compact and easily dewatered sludge. It is also used for coolant oil treatment in industry.

Key Features and Benefits :

  • Higher Settling Rate
  • Lower Retention Time
  • Reduction In Flocculant Addition
  • Reduced Sludge Volumes
  • Higher Filtration Rates
  • Increased Throughputs
CHEMFLO – 9030

Polyelectrolyte (Flocculant)

Polyelectrolytes for treatment of water from various processes. We offers top quality products, services and solution to all water related needs of various industries. Our range of polyelectrolyte is comprehensive including Polyelectrolyte which is lower in viscosity and dissolves faster.

It is used in mining industries, paper industries, municipal sewage plants and water treatment plants. It is highly regarded for its cleaning property and has earned us a huge client base. We are specialized in handling customized orders owing to our experience and knowledge and provide with deliveries on time.

Polyelectrolyte has got a wide range of applications right from water purification, oil recovery, color removal, paper making, mineral processing, etc. It has anionic emulsions and dry polyacrylamides which can be used wherever liquid/solids separation is needed in industrial effluent treatment applications.

Key Features And Benefits :

  • Exceptional Cleaning Power
  • Highly Reliable
CHEMFLO – 9040


Defoamers are the anti- foaming chemical additives that type of agents are primarily used in industrial process liquids to reduce the foam formation. In sugar industries for controlling foam in syrup and it also controls foam in biological aeration systems and anaerobic digester. It is also used in paper industries as well as in textile industries for foam control in process liquids. Very small amount of this product destroys the foam in every liquid and prevents the build-up of new foam for a long period of time. Vchem Defoamers makes it extremely suitable for all process related foaming problems.

Features of Defoamer :

  • Anti-Foaming Agents
  • Contain Silicone Oil And Surfactants
  • Reduce The Formation Of Foam
  • Control The Generation Of Foam On Surface Of Liquid
  • Used In Industrial Processing Liquids
  • Low Viscosity & Surface Active Properties
  • Affinity To The Air-Liquid Surface


Vchem microbial culture is a wonderful microbial product to resolve complex problems of sewage and solid waste treatment. Our multi-pronged sewage treatment solution refines the sewage and frees it from solid impurities to make it fit for industrial use thereby saving water required for composting. For sewage treatment, we use both anaerobic and aerobic methods.

Features Of Microbial Culture :

  • Enhanced BOD & COD Removal.
  • Rapid Start Up-Following Initializing And Re-Seeding.
  • Rapid Recovery-Following Shock Loading.
  • Reduction In Filamentation And Bulking.
  • Reduction In Sludge Volume.
  • Contains Micro-Nutrients For The Growth Of Bacteria.
  • Non-Foaming & Easy To Handle.