CHEMFLO – 9040

Defoamers are the anti- foaming chemical additives that type of agents are primarily used in industrial process liquids to reduce the foam formation. In sugar industries for controlling foam in syrup and it also controls foam in biological aeration systems and anaerobic digester. It is also used in paper industries as well as in textile industries for foam control in process liquids. Very small amount of this product destroys the foam in every liquid and prevents the build-up of new foam for a long period of time. Vchem Defoamers makes it extremely suitable for all process related foaming problems.

Features of Defoamer:

  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Contain silicone oil and surfactants
  • Reduce the formation of foam
  • Control the generation of foam on surface of liquid
  • Used in industrial processing liquids
  • Low viscosity & surface active properties
  • Affinity to the air-liquid surface.

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