Evaporator Antiscalant

Evaporator Antiscalant


VCHEM Product is an organic scale inhibitor for the retardation and prevention of scale formation on the heat transfer surfaces of the evaporator. It has an ability to keep calcium, magnesium and silica in solution even in the presence of impurities like oxalates, carbonates, sulphates, chlorides and phosphates. It functions by threshold treatment which delays the precipitation of alkaline hardness and silica. It functions under three pronged approach which provides optimal scale prevention for most particles under broad range of operating conditions.


  • Vchem Product will disperse the precipitated salts so that they don’t adhere to the surface.
  • It inhibits the precipitation of scaling salts by raising their saturation solubility limits.
  • It also interferes with normal crystal growth resulting in a scale deposit which is soft and loose, and in most cases amenable to mechanical cleaning
  • Thermally and chemically stable in nature. It completely removes calcium sulphate and silica deposit

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