Ro Maintenance Chemicals Memco bt – 44

Ro Membrane Biocide

Memco BT – 44

Memco bt- 44 are broad-spectrum, non-oxidizing biocides that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. The product formulation helps to inhibit the growth of microbes and has inhibition and biocidal effects on most of the common bacteria, fungi and algae found in water.

The right biocide programme can reduce the need for membrane cleaning, reducing your overall cost of operation. Memco bt-44 are membrane safe and can be used online or offline. These are safe and biodegradable, effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms. When used in an online treatment programme. It should be dosed prior to the ro system to control bio-fouling.

Saliant Features:

  • memco bt-44 is safe for potable ro systems.
  • memco bt-44 efficacy rate for a broad spectrum of microorganisms.
  • high application rate, excellent scale protection, performance and quality improvement
  • with precise ph value are some of the salient features of this disinfectant.

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