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Chiller Chemicals

Closed systems usually contain a combination of different metals, which provide a high potential for galvanic corrosion. The potential for dissolved oxygen attach is generally quite low in closed systems because of small amount of makeup water the main oxygen source. However, in systems that require substantial makeup because of loss of water from leaks, oxygen is continually supplied and oxygen corrosion presents a serious problem.

Since relatively little makeup is added to most closed recirculating systems, it is practical and desirable to maintain the system in a corrosion –free condition. This is normally achieved by applying Chemicals Treatment at rather high concentrations.

Manufactured Chiller water treatment chemicals to handle different problems i.e. Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling and micro biological growth. Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals are used in various industries. We provide availability of chemicals in customized formulation as per the need of customers. We are viewed as one of the most principal Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals Suppliers of India.

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